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“(be) in charge of” 意思,問題及例句 However, it can be charged in just three hours using a power outlet at home, and can drive about 70 kilometers per charge.

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in charge of是什么意思?in charge of怎么讀?新東方在線字典為用戶提供單詞in charge of的釋義,in charge of的音標和發音,in charge of的用法,例句,詞組,詞匯搭配,近反義詞等內容,幫助大家掌握單詞in charge of。
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in charge of 用法
問題2:)請問The charge of engaging in corrupt conduct during an election should relate to offering or receiving 有些法律專用詞我不識它中文用詞/ 用法 , 邊度可查到?-owners ) 共 享 權 益 ( Tenants- in -common ) 扺 押 ( Charge ) 換 地 條 款 ( Conditions of
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Prime Minister Fischer and President Klaus have yet to decide who will be in charge of this and other events of the E.U.presidency. VOA: standard.2009.05.11 But I want you to tell me in terms of thinking about formal charge, which Lewis structure would you predict to be the most stable?
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用法 例句 go top take in charge of 主管;把持 網絡釋義 把持 supply]∶供應 支持一路舟車之費 That was the agency in charge of providing permitting and making decisions in terms of where drilling could take place, but also in charge of enforcing the safety in
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be in charge of前面加了be動詞,能直接放在主語后面。比如:He is in charge of the company. 精銳教育老師) 評論 0 0 加載更多 其他回答(1) 最新回答 (1條回答) 我要的幸福! 1級 2015-04-22 回答 be in
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11/3/2009 · take charge of 是開始管理,接管的意思,是主動 . eg:the boss asked him to take charge of the office for a few days while she was away.(老板讓他在她離開時掌管辦公室幾天) 分享到: 分享到微信朋友圈: 打開微信,點擊底部的”發現”, 使用”掃一掃”即可將網頁分享至
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1 中 of 后接物,2 中 of 后接人。 例:You are in charge of the text. The text is in the charge of you. (3)take charge of 掌管 (4)put sb in charge(of)讓某人全 權負責 The text is in the charge of you.
多義詞 “charge” 的四個用法
你問我答 多義詞 “charge” 的四個用法 Play audio file 內容簡介 聽眾逸鷗想知道單詞 “charge” 有哪些用法。“Charge” 是一個典型的多義詞,而且動詞與名詞形式相同。它的常用意思包括:“收費”;“給電子設備充 …


僅供個人參考 charge 用法歸納 charge 用法 (1).用作名詞,表示“負責”,“管理”,通常為不可數名詞;表示“收費”, 是可數名詞,通常(但不一定)用復數形式;表示“控告”,是可數名詞。如: Your charges are too high. 你收費太貴了。 What is the charge in the
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in charge of / responsible forの違い
どちらも似たような言葉ですが,一般的な解釈ではin charge ofは「~を擔當して,~を任されて,~管理している」です。responsible forは「~に対して責任がある,~の責任を負う」と言葉通りに解釈可能です。違いについてネイティブスピーカーに確認してみましたが,場合によっては同じで場合
ピクセル 略, その他の用法については「 ピクセル (曖昧さ回避) 」をご覧ください。 ピクセル ( 英: pixel ...


charge 用法歸納 1. 用作名詞,注意以下用法: (1) 表示“收費”,是可數名詞,通常 (但不一定) 用復數形式。如: Your charges are too high. 你收費太貴了。 What is the charge in the hotel? / What are the charges in the hotel? 這旅館收費多少? (2) 表示“負責”,“管理”,通常為不可數名詞。
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